I created this online school with the primary focus to provide training resources for health care professionals and law enforcement/security.

About Myself

I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt with over 11 years experience, and currently work as a Corrections Officer. I have unfortunately dealt with many violent altercations in the various security jobs I have worked, and I know first hand how little training is offered to employees in regards to control tactics and self defense.

Aside from currently working in a jail I also have experience in Protection Services in a hospital, Security for bars and clubs, Special event security, and Loss Prevention. I performed many arrests, removed many patrons from bars/clubs, defended myself many times, and yet, the hospital was the most violent setting I have ever experienced. Unfortunately health care staff are provided with very little training in dealing with the conflict they will face in their career, and I believe this is a big reason why so many health care employees are assaulted.

Law enforcement and Security individuals certainly get more training, but unfortunately it's still not enough. Even more unfortunate, I think the techniques are horrible. Unrealistic arm bar takedowns, useless pressure points, and techniques universally taught without regard to an officers size relative to their suspect/attacker. Plus more and more restrictions as to what they are NOT allowed to perform. Always told what they CAN'T do, but never given further training on what they CAN do.

I aim to change this by teaching tested techniques that give a person a wide range of options when dealing with self defense or work place conflict. I'm only interested in teaching you techniques that work against trained individuals, because if the techniques work on a trained fighter, then it will work on whoever you're dealing with. I also want to show alternative techniques so that you have options for even when you are against someone significantly bigger, and stronger than you.